Jumo's commissions

read my TOS before ordering please!

Discord: jumo#4229You'll get the quickest reply on discord but you can also contact me:



Full bodies


Silly chibi

i get free reins to "sillyfy" your oc. it can get gigant eyes, hands or super thin legs, eyes can be just dots, etc
(note: you will get a wip, and if you dont vibe with it, you can suggest changes)


similar to silly chibi, experimental fullbody gives me free reins to experiment with textures and colors and/or push your ocs proportions, however this option doesn't end up as a chibi :]
(note: you will get a wip, and if you dont vibe with it, you can suggest changes)
fullbody - 25$
bust - 15$

won't do:
-Realistic style
-Complex character design
(In that case I will simplify)
-Age up
-Anything illegal and/or bigoted

Thank you for considering!
If you have any questions,
feel free to contact me!

Terms Of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to these tos below. These may be subject to change


-I dont take rush orders
-Wait time is 3 days - 2 weeks, feel free to ask for updates! You will not be bothering me!


-Payment must be provided before lining/finalizing begins
-Refunds will only be provided before lining/finalizing
-Payment through Paypal or Vipps (NO) is preferred, steam games may also be used for payment (ask first)

-Feel free to repost with credit! my toyhouse is @jumo
-In the sketch and finalizing stages you are free to ask for corrections and changes! However large changes or a lot of changes may cost. I will notify you before this happens
!! Do not use my art for NFTs !!